About Us

Who are we?

David Volz Design (DVD) is a professional services firm dedicated to the design of creative and engaging landscapes. Our firm specializes in the development of public landscapes including parks, schools, streets, sports facilities, and other community spaces. We are ever mindful of our responsibilities as stewards of the land and our goal is clear:

Design landscapes for today and tomorrow, and for the long-term enjoyment of those who use them.

What do we do?

DVD is a full service landscape architectural firm. We provide our clients with:

  • Initial planning concept design services
  • Construction document development
  • Construction oversight and management
  • Maintenance and operations analysis
  • Programming

Our emphasis on government and agency work keeps us focused on providing the type of landscapes which meet the requirements of the public. We always consider the budgets and maintenance resources of the agencies who must provide for the upkeep of our landscapes. The long-term viability of our parks and exterior space enhancements is the real measure of success and value we add to the public’s environment.

Nearly all public projects require interaction with the people they will serve and elected officials. An active relationship between the design team, elected officials and the public provides a great opportunity for the exchange of creative and innovative ideas and inspirations. At DVD we believe this close contact fosters a strong bond between the public and their environment.  Communication is the key to successful public projects and supports our mission here at DVD: