• Stanton Central Park

    LOCATION Stanton, California CLIENT City of Stanton YEAR COMPLETE 2016 AWARDS SCMAF 2016 Outstanding New Recreation Facility This park provides a place for the citizens to come together and also creates a forum to strengthen relationships with the regional community. Recreational amenities and facilities for baseball, soccer, basketball, tennis, skateboarding and fitness training gather athletes of … Continue reading Stanton Central Park

  • Circle Park

    LOCATION Anaheim, California CLIENT City of Anaheim YEAR COMPLETE 2016 AWARDS – This little gem of a park is located at the center of a vibrant Anaheim neighborhood. This unused lot has been transformed into a beautiful and fun community gathering space. The park design program included picnic plazas and play spaces, a tricycle path, a … Continue reading Circle Park

  • Bryant Ranch Park

    LOCATION Yorba Linda, California CLIENT City of Yorba Linda YEAR COMPLETE 2006 AWARDS – When a new school/park project was contemplated for the east end of town, the project team led by David Volz was commissioned by the city and school district to develop the play fields and design the landscape improvements for the school area. … Continue reading Bryant Ranch Park

  • Hogan Park

    LOCATION Lawndale, California CLIENT City of Lawndale YEAR COMPLETE 2015 AWARDS – A community inspired park design process under the leadership of DVD’s park planning professionals resulted in a beautiful new park for Lawndale’s eastside. Design workshops and community meetings were conducted and a final plan was created. The design for the park includes a … Continue reading Hogan Park

  • Cerritos Park

    LOCATION Glendale, California CLIENT City of Glendale YEAR COMPLETE 2007 AWARDS – Cerritos School Park’s monolithic columns and paving patterns showcase its Art Deco architectural style. The feature piece of this park is its large city entry monument constructed from precast concrete that incorporates a 18’ wide sun burst made of iridescent glass tile, beautifully … Continue reading Cerritos Park

  • Aroma Park

    LOCATION West Covina, California CLIENT City of West Covina YEAR COMPLETE 2006 AWARDS – Nestled in the hills of West Covina with a beautiful view of the city is the home of Aroma Park. Previously a grass lot, the development of this mini-park was long awaited and greatly desired by the community. This small area, … Continue reading Aroma Park

  • Maryland Avenue Park

    LOCATION Glendale, California CLIENT City of Glendale YEAR COMPLETE 2014 AWARDS – While small in size, about half an acre, Maryland Avenue Park succeeded in adding a colorful punch to the community. The square foot space features a brand new playground, fitness equipment, open lawn space, a covered picnic area and community garden plots. With … Continue reading Maryland Avenue Park

  • El Cariso Park

    LOCATION Sylmar, California CLIENT County of Los Angeles YEAR COMPLETE 2014 AWARDS – El Cariso Community Park was transformed from an 80 acre passive turf and tree park into a place for a diverse range of activities for the citizens of Los Angeles County. Its new state-of-the-art fields encourage participation in active recreational experiences including … Continue reading El Cariso Park

  • South Gate Park

    South Gate Park

    LOCATION South Gate, California CLIENT City of South Gate YEAR COMPLETE 2012 AWARDS – This venerable public green space is the largest park in the community at nearly 100 acres. Over the past four years, the David Volz Design team worked with the city leaders to creatively design and implement an updated vision for this … Continue reading South Gate Park

  • Lower Castaways Park

    Castaways Park

    LOCATION Newport Beach, California CLIENT City of Newport Beach YEAR COMPLETE 2004 AWARDS 2004 APWA Award Winner DVD’s landscape architects and park planners developed restoration plans for Castaways Park, located adjacent to the Upper Newport Bay Ecological Reserve in the City of Newport Beach. The 17-acre site is dedicated as a natural park to contain … Continue reading Castaways Park

  • George Washington Park

    George Washington Park

    LOCATION Anaheim, California CLIENT City of Anaheim YEAR COMPLETE 2001 AWARDS CPRS 2002 Award Of Eexcellence George Washington Park is located in the historic Anaheim Colony neighborhood, an area known for its early California bungalow and craftsman style homes. Working with the city staff and pulling ideas from the surrounding area, the DVD design team … Continue reading George Washington Park

  • Washington Street Park

    Washington Street Park

    LOCATION Diamond Bar, California CLIENT City of Diamond Bar YEAR COMPLETE – AWARDS APWA Award Winner This small gem’s design was community inspired and developed with extensive public outreach. Visitors can enjoy its wide array of amenities including a children’s play area, benches, picnic tables, and open grass space. The parks success is enriched by … Continue reading Washington Street Park

  • Dateline Park

    Dateland Park

    LOCATION Coachella, California CLIENT City of Coachella YEAR COMPLETE 2008 A neighbor park adjacent to Bobby Duke Middle School containing a skate park, splash pad, play areas, an amphitheater, restrooms, and a community center.

  • Heritage Island Park

    Heritage Island Park

    LOCATION Cerritos, California CLIENT City of Cerritos YEAR COMPLETE 2002 AWARDS 2003 APWA Project of the Year 2002 CPRS Award of Merit 2003 APWA Park Renovation Award Creating a special experience for both children and adults of all ages was the goal for the redevelopment of Heritage Island Park in Cerritos. The DVD team embarked … Continue reading Heritage Island Park

  • Laguna Hills Community Center

    Laguna Hills Community Center

    LOCATION Laguna Hills, California CLIENT City of Laguna Hills YEAR COMPLETE 2002 AWARDS CPRS Award of Excellence APWA Project of the Year Laguna Hills is a city with a grand vision of what a community should be. Parks are an important element in the quality of life the city’s residents demand. The community center park … Continue reading Laguna Hills Community Center

  • Hopper Park

    Charles B. Hopper Park

    LOCATION Lawndale, California CLIENT City of Lawndale YEAR COMPLETED 2009 AWARDS NRPA Park Design Award APWA Project of the Year CPRS Project of the year Charles B. Hopper Park is a .625 acre park located in the southwest portion of Lawndale, developed on property previously owned by the California Department of Transportation. The park serves a neighborhood … Continue reading Charles B. Hopper Park

  • Pioneer Park

    Pioneer Park

    LOCATION Tustin, California CLIENT City of Tustin YEAR COMPLETED 2004 AWARDS NRPA Park Design Award APWA Project of the Year CPRS Project of the year Pioneer Park is a neighborhood park in the City of Tustin. The park site offers a recreational experience enhanced with play and architectural elements with a “Pioneer” theme. Approximately 1/3 of … Continue reading Pioneer Park

  • Dotson Park

    Harry M. Dotson Park

    LOCATION Stanton, California CLIENT City of Stanton YEAR COMPLETED 2008 SIZE 1 Acre Park AWARDS CPRS – Award of Excellence This neighborhood park in the City of Stanton opened at the end of 2008.  Named for the late Mayor, Harry M. Dotson, this park commemorates and celebrates his legacy and love for children.  At a … Continue reading Harry M. Dotson Park

  • Los Rios Park

    LOCATION Capistrano, California CLIENT City of San Juan Capistrano YEAR COMPLETED 2009 SIZE 4.6 Acre Park AWARDS 2009 CPRS Award of Excellence 2010 APWA Project of the Year APWA Planning Excellence Awardd APA Award of Excellence In August of 2009, the City of San Juan Capistrano celebrated the grand opening of Los Rios Park. Located in the heart … Continue reading Los Rios Park

  • Veterans Memorial Park

    LOCATION Stanton, California CLIENT  City of Stanton YEAR COMPLETED 2007 AWARDS APWA – Project of the Year CPRS Project of the Year Part of a two year Capitol Improvement Program, Veterans Memorial Park was finished on schedule for a dedication ceremony held Veterans Day, November 11, 2007. Nearby parks are being designed now to complement this … Continue reading Veterans Memorial Park

  • Admiral Kidd Park

    Admiral Kidd Park

    LOCATION  Long Beach, California CLIENT City of Long Beach YEAR COMPLETED 2011 SIZE 11.5 Acre Park AWARDS APWA Project of the Year In March of 2011, the City of Long Beach rededicated the newly renovated and expanded Admiral Kidd Park. At a construction cost of 2.6 million dollars the existing park was renovated and expanded from 8 … Continue reading Admiral Kidd Park


  • Diamond Bar Blvd & Grand Avenue

    LOCATION Diamond Bar, California CLIENT City of Diamond Bar YEAR COMPLETE 2016 AWARDS APWA BEST Award Winner in Creative & Innovative The City of Diamond Bar wanted to give one of the City’s major arterials a “makeover,” and establish a “brand” that gives residents a sense of pride in the place where they live. Diamond Bar’s … Continue reading Diamond Bar Blvd & Grand Avenue

  • Beach Boulevard Medians

    LOCATION Stanton, California CLIENT City of Stanton YEAR COMPLETE 2016 AWARDS APWA Project of the Year A road dominated by cars was not the image Stanton wanted to portray along one of its major streets. An avenue of beautiful plantings of many colors and textures is what welcomes people now as they travel along Beach Boulevard. … Continue reading Beach Boulevard Medians

  • San Dimas Boulevard

    LOCATION San Dimas, California CLIENT City of San Dimas YEAR COMPLETE 2003 AWARDS – –

  • Balboa Boulevard

    LOCATION Newport Beach, California CLIENT City of Newport Beach YEAR COMPLETE 2014 AWARDS 2015 Community Enhancement Project of the Year, American Society of Civil Engineers As residents and thousands of visitors pull off Pacific Coast Highway and head toward the iconic peninsula, the wide roadway of Balboa Boulevard has blossomed into an inviting green promenade. … Continue reading Balboa Boulevard

  • Harbor Boulevard Beautification

    LOCATION Costa Mesa, California CLIENT City of Costa Mesa YEAR COMPLETE 2014 Harbor Boulevard, a main commercial thoroughfare just off the 405 freeway, is a major gateway into the city. Street improvements were designed to enhance the overall experience. The medians were improved by removing the turf groundcover, while keeping the existing trees. Appropriate drought … Continue reading Harbor Boulevard Beautification

  • Frank Sinatra Dr. & Country Club Dr.

    Frank Sinatra & Country Club Drive

    LOCATION Rancho Mirage, California CLIENT City of Rancho Mirage YEAR COMPLETE 2011 AWARDS APWA Award Winner Initial installation for the Frank Sinatra & Country Club Drive median islands and streetscape was based upon new citywide guidelines. Naturalistic plantings indicative of the beauty of the desert and surrounding mountains were central to the design. The plant … Continue reading Frank Sinatra & Country Club Drive

  • La Quinta Roundabout

    La Quinta Roundabout and Art Piece

    LOCATION La Quinta, California CLIENT City of Quinta YEAR COMPLETE – Cherished kinetic sculptures titled “Air-in-Motion” finds a new home as the main attraction in a 30’diameter traffic roundabout (or as we in the industry refer to as a “traffic-calming-circle”). Located in La Quinta’s Historic Downtown the art piece showcases the City’s commitment to provide … Continue reading La Quinta Roundabout and Art Piece

  • Jackson Street Medians

    Jackson Street Medians

    LOCATION Indio, California CLIENT City of Indio YEAR COMPLETE 2007 Jackson Street medians was a street improvement project that was brought forth by the city of Indio. It consists of long medians that run north to south from 42nd Avenue to the 10 freeway. The concept proposed was to create a traditional desert landscape, a … Continue reading Jackson Street Medians

  • Seal Beach Boulevard

    Seal Beach Boulevard

    LOCATION Seal Beach, California CLIENT City of Seal Beach YEAR COMPLETED – AWARDS APWA Planning Excellence Award APA Award of Excellence APWA Project of the Year This six-lane road that is the major vehicular access to Seal Beach from the northwest was a barren ribbon of asphalt. The road divided the naval weapons station complex … Continue reading Seal Beach Boulevard

  • Palm Drive & Pierson Boulevard

    Pierson Boulevard & Palm Drive

    LOCATION Desert Hot Springs, California CLIENT The City of Desert Hot Springs YEAR COMPLETED 2010 When the City of Desert Hot Springs was looking to upgrade their image, the decided to start in the heart of the city at the intersection of Palm Drive and Pierson Blvd. Their intention was that all future streetscape projects … Continue reading Pierson Boulevard & Palm Drive

Sports Facilities

  • Pacific Park

    LOCATION Glendale, California CLIENT City of Glendale & Glendale Unified School District YEAR COMPLETE 2014 A beautiful new soccer pitch was constructed to replace an overused natural grass field at Edison Elementary School. The new joint use facility known as the Pacific Park soccer Filed features a subsurface drain system, select crushed aggregate base course … Continue reading Pacific Park

  • Thousand Oaks High School

    Thousand Oaks High School Stadium Field Renovation

    LOCATION Thousand Oaks, California CLIENT Thousand Oaks High School YEAR COMPLETE 2004 • New Infilled Synthetic Turf Field inside existing all weather track • Select aggregate base with extensive subsurface drain system • Maintenance equipment and training • Client field turf and education “Turf 101” class • New field event areas • Site work and … Continue reading Thousand Oaks High School Stadium Field Renovation

  • Westlake High School

    Westlake High School Athletic Field Restoration

    LOCATION Thousand Oaks, California CLIENT Westlake High School YEAR COMPLETE 2004 • Replacement of worn natural grass field and cinder running track • Infilled Synthetic Turf football/soccer fields • Custom field logo and upgraded graphics • All-weather polyurethane impermeable running track • Selected aggregate field base and subsurface drain system • Track edge trench drain system • … Continue reading Westlake High School Athletic Field Restoration

  • Newbury Park High School Athletic Stadium

    Newbury Park High School Athletic Stadium

    LOCATION Thousand Oaks, California CLIENT City of Thousand Oaks YEAR COMPLETE 2004 The Panthers had worn out the natural turf field at their high school stadium. The track’s cinder surface was not level and the field event areas were in poor shape. The David Volz Design team provided the design and engineering services for the … Continue reading Newbury Park High School Athletic Stadium

  • Fred Kelly Stadium

    Fred Kelly Stadium

    LOCATION Orange, California CLIENT Orange Unified School District YEAR COMPLETE 2005 Fred Kelly Stadium is the district’s stadium for four high schools. The work improvements were designed and constructed in record time to meet their June graduation date. Public and private funds were raised to make this dream a reality. The new stadium includes: • … Continue reading Fred Kelly Stadium

  • La Paz Soccer and Baseball Complex

    La Paz Soccer and Baseball Complex

    LOCATION Laguna Niguel, California CLIENT City of Laguna Niguel YEAR COMPLETE 2002 AWARDS APWA Project of the Year • Synthetic Turf Sports Fields • Little League Field • Little League Majors Field • High School Soccer Field • All Fields Lit for Night Use • Batting Cages • Spectator Facilities • Restroom and Maintenance Facilities • Wetland Mitigation Areas • Large Parking Area • Play … Continue reading La Paz Soccer and Baseball Complex

  • Vista Community Sports Park

    Vista Community Sports Park

    LOCATION Vista, California CLIENT City of Vista YEAR COMPLETE 2010 AWARDS APWA Project of the Year David Volz Design completed the design plans, specifications and cost estimates for Vista Community Sports Park Project, which was built as a design/build project with Lusardi Construction. The sports park includes two synthetic soccer/ football fields, three natural turf little league … Continue reading Vista Community Sports Park

  • Ford Park Sports Complex

    The innovative Bell Gardens Sports Center project includes the  construction of two grass soccer/ multi-use fields, two year-round synthetic turf soccer fields, two baseball fields, several group and small picnic areas with shade  strutures, and a service and equipment storage facility.


  • Harbor Boulevard Bike Trail

    LOCATION Costa Mesa, California CLIENT City of Costa Mesa YEAR COMPLETE 2016 AWARDS APWA BEST Award Winner in Traffic,Mobility & Beautification This bike trail is a vital element for making non-automotive travel safer and enjoyable in the city. The landscaping improvements alongside the Harbor Boulevard Bike Trail provide a safety buffer between the trail and the busy … Continue reading Harbor Boulevard Bike Trail

  • Sigler Park Splash Pad

    LOCATION Westminster, California CLIENT City of Westminster YEAR COMPLETE 2008 AWARDS – The City of Westminster turned to DVD to create a 3800 sq. ft. splash pad area for Sigler Park, a park located in the north region of the city. Community workshops that engaged local teens and children resulted in inspiration and vision for the design … Continue reading Sigler Park Splash Pad

  • Fountain Valley City Hall Fountain & Entry

    LOCATION Fountain Valley, California CLIENT City of Fountain Valley YEAR COMPLETE – AWARDS – To be added later

  • Tustin Branch Trail

    LOCATION Orange County, California CLIENT County of Orange YEAR COMPLETE – AWARDS – Tustin Branch Trail is approximately half-mile segment of regional trail that makes new use of an old railroad line that once served the local citrus industry. It runs between East 17th Street and Warren Avenue. The trail’s design draws on the line’s … Continue reading Tustin Branch Trail

  • Hawaiian Gardens Veterans Memorial

    LOCATION Glendale, California CLIENT City of Glendale YEAR COMPLETE 2014 AWARDS – The Hawaiian Gardens Veterans Memorial Plaza is approximately 4500 sf and is located at the main entrance to the City’s Civic Center. The memorial plaza was designed to honor the men and women who have served in the United States Military. Its layout … Continue reading Hawaiian Gardens Veterans Memorial

  • Rancho Mirage City Hall

    The Rancho Mirage City Hall site improvement project was initiated by the city’s elected officials to improve the work environment and to set an example for high quality sustainable site development within the city.



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