Maryland Avenue Park


Glendale, California


City of Glendale




While small in size, about half an acre, Maryland Avenue Park succeeded in adding a colorful punch to the community. The square foot space features a brand new playground, fitness equipment, open lawn space, a covered picnic area and community garden plots. With the city of Glendale continuously growing and expanding in residential units, this park features a green space that gives the residents a place they can go to relax, exercise and mingle with their neighbors. In addition, this beautiful space offers a state-of-the-art outdoor public facility that requires minimal energy output to maintain and sustain its intended function. Furthermore, the upgraded park features an art component consisting of tile paintings by three students at Daily High School. The incorporation of art and an accent feature that display local history and cultural resources introduces the community to the area’s historical and cultural significance.

The Park is located in an area of Glendale that was once known as the City of Tropico. The much needed advancements to the park now provide the residents of Glendale with a safe and attractive place to relax and enjoy the outdoor park amenities and a pleasant retreat for all.

The $1.4 million dollar project was funded through proposition 84. Prop 84 authorizes bonds that fund, in this case, flood control, waterway and natural resource protection, water pollution and contamination control, state and local park improvements and water conservation efforts. Water conservation was a main component to the park’s design due to water flowing into the storm drain system.