La Quinta Roundabout and Art Piece


La Quinta, California


City of Quinta


Cherished kinetic sculptures titled “Air-in-Motion” finds a new home as the main attraction in a 30’diameter traffic roundabout (or as we in the industry refer to as a “traffic-calming-circle”). Located in La Quinta’s Historic Downtown the art piece showcases the City’s commitment to provide and encourage art in public spaces. Working with key City personnel, DVD developed a simple design that respects the desert climate, compliments the 12′ tall sculpture and requires little resources to maintain. DVD’s solution was to keep it simple by minimizing the planting area and incorporating three separate terraced rings of rock and cobble. Each ring displays a different type, color and size of rock material and would slightly increase in height as the rings move closer to the sculpture. The limited use of succulents provides a nice contrast to the rocks and functions as a soft/green visual transition between the sculpture and the rocks. The combinations of organic and inorganic colors and textures made this project both successful and attractive.