Hawaiian Gardens Veterans Memorial


Glendale, California


City of Glendale




The Hawaiian Gardens Veterans Memorial Plaza is approximately 4500 sf and is located at the main entrance to the City’s Civic Center. The memorial plaza was designed to honor the men and women who have served in the United States Military. Its layout and design features grew out of the inspiration and vision provided by local veterans and community members. Drought tolerant plantings and a low flow irrigation system was included to accent and soften the hardscape elements and to blend the new and existing landscape.

The memorial is designed as a unique “five-point” star, that measures an impressive 18’ diameter and is composed of five separate granite wedges measuring 4’-6”H x 3’-0”W x 8’-0”L. Thirteen horizontal stripes are sandblasted into the vertical surfaces of each wedge to represent the thirteen stripes of the American flag. The “stars and stripes” theme is repeated throughout the plaza in the paving and walls. Five bronze military seals are recessed into the tops of each wedge. The “five-point” star is illuminated from the star’s center adding to its visual interest at night. The Wall of Inspiration uses cut sandstone and horizontal red granite stripes as the canvas to etch veteran selected messages “All gave some…some gave all” and core values of the military “courage, respect, loyalty…etc. “ Flags to represent each branch of service, plus a separate P.O.W. flag, are displayed on six flagpoles spaced equally on radius around the “five- point” star memorial.