Harbor Boulevard Bike Trail


Costa Mesa, California


City of Costa Mesa




APWA BEST Award Winner in Traffic,Mobility & Beautification

This bike trail is a vital element for making non-automotive travel safer and enjoyable in the city. The landscaping improvements alongside the Harbor Boulevard Bike Trail provide a safety buffer between the trail and the busy street, and create pleasant conditions for bike riders or pedestrians. It was important that the new trail improvements continue the precedent of other sustainable, attractive quality of life improvements in the city. The Trail reflects an aesthetic in sync with other new streetscapes, supporting a unifying theme of well-conceived public works projects that reflect the vibrancy of Costa Mesa. The bike trail connects to the Joann Street Bike Trail to the 208-Fairview Park Trail, connecting riders to the Santa Ana River Trail for a 3-mile ride to the Ocean. Irrigation for the project was designed to conserve resources by delivering water to individual plants amid ribbons of boulders, decorative cobblestones, and decomposed granite fines.