Aroma Park


West Covina, California


City of West Covina




Nestled in the hills of West Covina with a beautiful view of the city is the home of Aroma Park. Previously a grass lot, the development of this mini-park was long awaited and greatly desired by the community. This small area, set aside by the home builder, became the first new park for West Covina in 10 years. Beautifully designed landscape, inspired by the impressionist art of Monet in soft colors and with open lawn, invites the community to experience everyday as if it were a sunny Sunday afternoon.

For this project the neighboring community was offered three conceptual drawings and given the opportunity to vote on the design they felt best suited their needs and desires. The community requested a shaded play area where people could gather and socialize. With this in mind the design team worked together with the Department of Public Works to create a landscape that would create community.