Seal Beach Boulevard


Seal Beach, California


City of Seal Beach



APWA Planning Excellence Award
APA Award of Excellence
APWA Project of the Year

This six-lane road that is the major vehicular access to Seal Beach from the northwest was a barren ribbon of asphalt. The road divided the naval weapons station complex and the large gated community of Leisure World. The beautification of this thoroughfare was initiated by the town’s residents and in particular the Leisure World improvement committee. The project design was the result of numerous committee meetings where safety and aesthetics were the foremost criteria. Left-turn lanes were sparingly included in the design to minimize turning points. Safety measures were included to allow for maintenance personnel to tend the landscape from paved areas inside the medians. There are parallel pull-offs so maintenance trucks can safely park mid median. The plant materials and irrigation systems were carefully selected to minimize water use while providing a pleasant driving experience for this important and now beautiful entry way to the city.