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New Sustainable Public Landscapes, California Parks & Recreation Society
Lessons Learned from the Coachella Valley, Presented by David Volz, LA, LEED, AP

Rancho Mirage Public Landscape Review
Plant selection for public landscapes, Presented by David Volz,  LA, LEED, AP

Sports Institute, Southern California Municipal Athletic Federation
Synthetic Turf 101, Presented by Elaine Dove, LA

Press Releases

West Covina unveils long-awaited soccer complex at Orangewood Park“, San Gabriel Valley Tribune
October 6, 2017,   Stephanie K. Baer,  Web

Seal Beach shooting victims remembered“, Daily Pilot
October 12, 2016,   Priscella Vega,  Web

Fremont Park upgrades in play“, Glendale News-Press
July 28, 2016,   Arin Mikailian,  Web

Stanton unwraps its crown jewel – a sprawling park“, OC Register
June 25, 2016,   Chris Haire,  Web

A new pocket of play space“, OC Register
April 25, 2016, Joseph Pimentel, Web

Community Services Reveals Proposal For Glendora’s Urban Trails System“, Glendora City News
March 22, 2016, Aaron Castrejon, Web

Costa Mesa’s Del Mar corner gets a new look“, Daily Pilot
December 25, 2015,   Bradley Zint,  Web

Plan for Fremont Park overhaul slated for Glendale City Council consideration“, Los Angeles Times
November 24, 2015,   Arin Mikailian,  Web

Costa Mesa recognized for Harbor Boulevard beautification“, Daily Pilot
November 6, 2015   Bradley Zint,  Web

Park creation on time and budget, but El Nino looms“, OC Register
September 17, 2015,   Cindy Yamanaka,  Web

Manhattan Beach approves design work for greenbelt beautification“, Daily Breeze
August 9, 2015,  Katherine Richardson,  Web

“Stanton’s Own Central Park”, OC Register
June 30, 2015,  Chris Haire,  Web

Pickleball devotees chime in on plans to upgrade Fremont Park“, Glendale News-Press
May 28, 2015,   Arin Mikailian,  Web

“Residents view conceptual plans for West 19th Street”, Daily Pilot
November 7, 2013,   Bradley Zint,  Web

New Splash Pad opens today in Garden Grove“, OC Register
August 21, 2013,   Roxana Kopetman,  Web

Stanton’s new park starts to take on a look“, OC Register
August 21, 2013,   Mark Eades,  Web

South Gate will have a new park“, South Gate Patch
June 20, 2012,  Alejandro Lopez de Haro,  Web

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