DVD Stands Behind Sustainability

DVD is committed to creating public landscapes that create a community while remaining unique, beautiful, and importantly: sustainable.

Our affiliation with LEED, or the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design, allows us to identify and quantify the sustainability of our designs. To DVD, Sustainable Public Landscapes means moving forward in the world of design landscape by responding to the pressing environmental land and cultural challenges and initiatives. These challenges and initiatives include an array of little changes that make a big difference in the long run. Low water use, low maintenance native plantings, and landscapes that are designed to be in balance with the local climate and environment while requiring minimal resource inputs are just a few examples of the sustainable efforts DVD puts into their projects in order to meet current trends and requirements.

Our designs are not only attractive, but “functional, cost-efficient, visually pleasing, environmentally friendly and maintainable.”

Meet with us here at DVD to discuss the possibilities of incorporating sustainable practices into your city’s parks, medians and other public landscapes. To learn more about how and why Sustainable Public Landscapes are vital for your community and neighborhoods, visit this website http://www.asla.org/guidesandtoolkit.aspx .

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